by admin on February 15, 2011

so easy to return!

so the cj boyfriend jeans sat on esme’s window seat for 2 weeks.  she tried them on again with inconclusive results.  she tried the rule of eleanor and was unable to get a clear vision (well, this should have told her something).  finally she hit upon a brilliant inspiration.  whimsy is known for her good taste and her absolutely firm convictions when it comes to fashion.  she can be relied upon to express an honest opinion within about 2 seconds. unlike mr. noir, she does not have prejudices against modern trends such as lo-rise jeans and the de-constructed look.  and, she is about esme’s size. 

i called her right up and she agreed to opine on the subject of my boyfriend jeans.  with some trepidation i put them on and emerged in full regalia.  nope, she said, too big in the thighs, not flattering.  and that was that.  back they go.  wouldn’t it be lovely to be so decisive???  now it’s either give up on the search, or start out on my usual exhaustive (and rather exhausting) survey of the world of boyfriend jeans. 

i take some inspiration from coco’s 7 year old daughter, who has fallen so in love with HER boyfriend jeans that she does not want to spend a day without them.  coco is forced to do the laundry at all hours of the day and night.  her daughter even suggested buying a bigger pair so she’ll still have them when she grows.  then she said that perhaps by that time she’d have a real boyfriend!  which just goes to show that fantasy lurks just beneath the surface of any fashion decision!

maybe the trouble is that i’m past the boyfriend stage of life (having an actual husband),



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