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little girl in polo dress

pink top and red boots


little pink girl on horsey


it’s been a long time since esme gave much thought to children’s fashion.  christophe, after all, is almost 20 (way too old to be a child, and way too young to produce grandchildren).  however, hunter and i have been walking in the local park and we can’t help but notice the darling little-kid outfits we encounter there!  of course, hunter is much more interested in the smudges of peanut-butter lingering on little fingers, but esme has been really taken with the clothes! 

for one thing, when it comes to girls, it’s all about pink!  you may recall that this was a forbidden color in esme’s childhood and her longing for it remains unrequited.  little girls today seem to have no such trouble, and even esme’s mother would have a hard time not being charmed by these outfits!  we snapped one in the cutest pink polo dress with a ruffled hem, accompanied by ruffled navy leggings—comfortable and so feminine! 

another had little ruffley coulots, with a pink shirt and red boots.  her mother told us that the princess look was huge, and tiaras were de rigeur!  most of the girls we see wear something dress-like even though they are running and jumping and sliding at the park.  the trick (you guessed it) is leggings, which provide coverage and flexibility. 

i would guess that we grown-ups borrowed the legging look from little girls, but i’m really not sure which came first.  shoes range from elfin boots to pink sneaks to colorful sandals.  the outfits are always color-co-ordinated, which, if you think about it, is not that difficult if everything you own is pink (pink must be the new black for this age-group). 

in addition to loving the plethora of pink, esme was touched by the willingness of parents and children to participate in the photo shoots, and she has been seeing the world through lovely rose-colored glasses all afternoon!  there must be some tomboys around somewhere, but we haven’t spotted them!

vicariously pink,



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