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boy in organic jacket

boy in polo and khakis


boy in crocs


little boys can be difficult to photograph, as they’re always on the move; nevertheless hunter and i managed to snap a few and analyse the sartorial trends for the under five set. 

the predominant style, as you can see, seems to consist of elastic-waisted cargo pants in a neutral color topped off with a t-shirt or polo shirt.  shoes are usually sneakers with velcro, but check out the orange crocs!  this little guy also appears to be wearing fleece cargoes which have been made into cut-offs;  i’m sure there’s a story behind that one, but we were so focused on catching the boy that we didn’t catch the story.

one boy that we failed to catch (really, esme had not quite worked up the courage to ask) was sporting the cutest preppy outfit with tan cargoes, a blue-and-white gingham button-down shirt, and a pale yellow cotton-knit vest—with shirt untucked of course! 

the shy guy under the play-structure’s mom informed me that his jacket is from katequinnorgancis.com.  i don’t believe organic clothing had been invented when christophe was little, but mothers-in-know did buy striped outfits in 100% cotton from hanna anderson.  and as i recall, the look was quite similar, with elastic-waisted cargoes or jeans (from gap-kids) topped by polos or t’s.  there was one phase of cool tie-died t-shirts made at summer-school.  do you remember that one, christophe??

chasing the boys again,



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