by admin on February 16, 2011

french scarf



a woman in my book group recently returned from a trip to paris with a lovely collection of scarves.  so far, i have only seen one of them, but i am so jealous!  it is a very soft sheer off-white linen or cotton with a charcoal-colored pattern and little beads woven in—-perfect to add a touch of panache to one’s meriad black outfits! 

a gym friend tells me she collects lingerie whenever she travels abroad—she has unique panties and bras from places such as brazil, spain, greece…..not available on zappos. 

and a woman in my other book group has started the most exquisite little collection of boyfriends with parisian pieds-a-terre—we are all dying to know her secret! 

esme is not much of a collector but she certainly admires the collections described above.  she does have a nice collection of sea-glass (the blue ones are especially hard to find), and a growing collection of gray hairs, but i suppose that doesn’t really count!




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