by admin on February 16, 2011

esme's mother in her father's hand

perhaps you have figured out by this time that esme loves to think about shopping as much as she loves to shop (i suppose this is a sign of the true addict).  lately my thoughts have lead me to explore my own relationship to fashion and how i came to be the way i am, which inevitably leads to curiosity about the history of fashion in my family. 

 i have told you a bit about my mother’s dislike of pink and my father’s feet;  it seems that every time i discuss the seemingly superficial topic of shopping with my aging parents, i learn something new.  last month the family gathered to celebrate my father’s 85th birthday.  trying to form a mental picture of my mother’s style as a younger woman, i inquired whether i could see my parents’ wedding photos.  to my astonishment, i discovered they had none.  

however, my father pulled out a real plum. turns out he still carries a marvelous photo of my mother on the day he asked her to marry him.  it is nestled in a secret compartment on the back of a gold pocket-watch—the tiniest loveliest photo of a serene and happy-looking woman, tall and slender, dressed in a light knee-length skirt and a tucked-in sleeveless blouse, leaning on a picturesque fence and daintily crossing her feet clad in brown loafters.  omg, this is just the most romantic thing i have seen in my entire life!   to think we could have lost either one of them and never known about this secret photo!  and now it will be immortalized in my blog!

carrying this image in my heart,



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