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fantasy prom dress

          proms seem to be all the rage amongst high schoolers these days.  when esme was in high school, not only did she fail to attend the prom, but she never even knew it existed!  i’ve been wondering if this is because esme was a super-nerd, or because her high school actually didn’t have a prom. probably the former, as the high school was a large one with football players, cheerleaders, the whole 9 yards. 

esme, by contrast, had a crush on the smartest boy in the school, a darling little blond-haired blue-eyed genius who spoke several languages, was a whiz in math, and composed music (and later turned out to be gay…oh well).  

anyway, i was caught off-guard when christophe and friends took it for granted that going to prom was the thing to do. they spent loads of (our) money doing it.  the boys wore tuxes.  the girls often wore formals, had hair and make-up professionally done, and expected corsages and dinner before-hand.  (note that whimsey’s daughter found a charming little bcbg max mara prom frock for NINETY PERCENT OFF). 

the cool guys matched their ties to their dates’ dresses (we have a great photo of christophe in an orange silk tie).  parents arranged elaborate pre-prom photo-shoots.  it was was eerily reminiscent of wedding preparations! 

recently i’ve been wondering what sort of prom dress i would choose if i were a teenager today.  there is a lovely lavendar silk one with little seed pearls i’ve seen in a store-window.  on the other hand, by being completely oblivious to prom, esme avoided the heartache, the arguments about dresses, the being dumped right before or after, the not-being-asked-by-the-right-person, the being groped in the limo, the migraine afterwards.   

still, i wish i had a daughter to play prom with. a friend told me that her daughter, an artist and quite an original character, has bought a black prom dress which she plans to de-construct, decorate with playing cards, and top with a newsprint jacket and matching hat wear with red top-siders!  i really really wish i had a photo, but for now we’ll just have to picture it in our minds!  

shopping my imagination again,



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