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conservative print-mixing

phashion plate recently sent me the following link:  http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2010/04/16/fashion/20100418-printsUG-slideshow_index.html?ref=fashion.  check it out.  it shows successful print-mixing ventures captured on the street. 

emboldened by this article, esme decided to take a few tentative steps in this direction. she figured that the time to try it was now, before the rise of minimalism makes these this trend look as silly as it used to look to most of us. 

 i wear very few prints in the first place, as they tend to remind me of my 7th-grade sewing project (orange flowers on a white background).  however, i did find a few from the early ‘90’s stashed away in my closet. 

one of my favorite pieces is a black silk vest with an abstract rectangular pattern in grayish blue by san francisco designer and boutique owner diana slavin.  (and you were expecting purple plaid??)   this vest never looked quite right with what i was wearing, but i’ve recently paired it with a long silk blouse from hemisphere (an s.f. store which went out of business in the late ‘80’s!) and received a lot of compliments. 

another ancient favorite is a black and white polka-dot silk scarf (polka-dots are totally in).    so why not put the 3 together??  they’d be unified by their blackness and their silkness, not too crazy but with a touch of wildness…..well, you should have seen the look i got from mr. noir!  not having the fortitude to weather what might follow, i hastily whipped off the scarf, and have been afraid to try again!  perhaps i need one of those boy-friends with the paris pied-a-terre for this one, or perhaps i’ll just wait this trend out until minimalism takes over again!




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