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the artist as a young man

this dashing fellow is esme’s nephew adrien (roz’s son), a talented artist and art student in the bay area.  not surprisingly, he and his friends are quite the sartorialists.  i asked adrien how he would describe his style and here is what he said:  ”I have a fairly basic wardrobe for the day-to-day; Cheap Monday jeans in a dark wash, a button-down shirt or a thermal, sometimes a peacoat or jacket. I own a couple of nicely-cut lightweight cashmere sweaters that I like to wear as shirts, or I’ll pair a black Navy surplus crew-neck sweater and a striped Russian sailor’s shirt (both army surplus finds.)

If I’m dressing for a day in the city I’ll go with canvas sneakers; right now it’s a bright yellow pair by Fred Perry, ordered by mail from the UK. Since most of my clothes are grey, white, black and navy, contrasting shoes add a summery note. If the occasion is more formal, vintage-looking leather shoes provide the necessary ingredient.” 

esme would certainly like to have some of these garments herself, especially the pea-coat, the striped sailor’s shirt (these are totally in for women these days) and the cashmere sweaters. adrien goes on to explain an intriguing phenomenon:   “regardless of gender there seems to be a continuity in style amongst the people I hang out with. My friend Emily and I will buy the same pair of jeans in boy’s and girl’s versions and when she spends the night at my apartment she often will end up borrowing a sweater or two.”  now i just know that emily can’t be as tall and skinny as adrien by a long shot (remember the bean-pole nephews i told you about in one of my earliest blogs?), so i imagine she must find an artistic way of rolling up the sleeves of the borrowed sweaters, as well as probably pairing them with a jauntily tied scarf. 

if only i could persuade one of these artistes to help me with my visuals, i would be on top of the world!  but keep your ear to the ground…..i have a feeling you will be hearing more about adrien in the future.

i wish there were a word like “avuncularly” to describe an aunt, but all i can think of is “auntishly”,



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