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vintage orange

orange freelander


ever since we bought a 2002 orange landrover freelander, i’ve longed for a garment in freelander orange.  the freelander is long gone (sold as soon as the warranty expired!) but the longing remains. 

i accompanied kate to a local golf store (never thought i’d be shopping golf!) where we found the cutest golf jacket in a dark tangerine color.  surprisingly, it was quite flattering on both of us.  kate thinks she needs to be a better golfer before wearing something so…..um…daring, and i couldn’t quite bring myself to actually buy a golf garment (even tho it would be quite useful for dog-walking on a windy day), but it made me aware that splashes of orange are popping up like california poppies in the spring. 

the last time orange appeared on the fashion scene was in the ‘60’s.  in fact, my gym friend babs has some wonderful orange dresses she has saved from her mother’s ‘60’s era wardrobe. one problem with orange, besides it’s erstwhile unavailabity, is what to wear with it.  it looks quite good with black (the freelander had black leather seats) but then you run the risk of looking a bit halloweenish.  so try it with kakhi’s or jeans. orange can look quite cool with purple (believe it or not) and you could try it with green pants for that state-flower look. 

one might wonder, what are the connotations of orange, and why does it crop up now?  when i first started looking for orange, it appeared mainly in men’s clothing.  so, is it a “masculine” color moving over to the feminine side?  traffic cones are orange in the u.s. (i don’t know about europe); does it’s emergence in women’s fashion spell “danger”?  neither of these interpretations feels quite right—-do any of you students of fashion have ideas??  we used to make a game of spotting freelanders on the freeway.  now we can look for orange accents.  so if you happen to be wearing orange, don’t be surprised if a smallish middle-aged person approaches you shyly and asks if she can take a photo!

in orange we trust,



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