by admin on February 16, 2011

orange golf jacket

gloria’s rule

an (anonymous) reader asks “would you really wear that orange thing??”;  an opinion disguised as a question….but i’ll answer it anyway.  note that esme did not buy the orange thing, so unless she snuck in at night and stole it, she is indeed NOT wearing it. 

 however, to appreciate the idea that esme even IMAGINED wearing it, you must refer to gloria’s rule. gloria is the hippest, most gorgeous 80 year old you can imagine.  many 40 year old’s would give their eye-teeth to look like gloria.  she has been in the fashion business for decades and has the wisdom, if not the wrinkles, of her years. 

gloria’s rule is this:  if it has no hanger appeal, it’s likely to be fabulous on the body.  now when i discussed this concept with her, gloria certainly was not thinking of orange golf jackets. however, in a somewhat distant way, her rule applies; the jacket, shapeless and thin-looking on the rack, draped nicely on one’s figure and felt silky to the touch.  even the color was flattering. 

okay. don’t worry.  i’m still not going to wear it, but one needs to keep one’s mind open, especially during periods of limited shopping opportunities. btw, when i went on my usual round of the shops yesterday one store owner told me there had been a run on orange shoes that day!

living by new rules,



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