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longchamps purse


diana vreeland once suggested designing women’s clothes with tons of pockets to obviate the need for a purse.  i could soooo use one of those outfits right now, but her idea never came to fruition.  instead, her boss expressed concern that she was “going crazy” and she gave up. 

the little longchamp purse that i bought in paris 15 years ago has finally bitten the dust, and i must get a new one. for many women, buying a purse is no big deal.  kate has tons of purses in all sizes, shapes and colors.  for me, however, buying a purse is akin to let’s say, owning a dog;  that is, it’s a 10-15 year committment.  this feeds into my obsessional tendencies and makes it very difficult to find just the right purse, as the salepeople with whom i have dealt can confirm. 

i need a smallish (but not tiny) black (or maybe red tan or orange) leather (or could be urban oxide) purse with an outside pocket for keys, a place for my iphone, and enough room for the basics (we all know what those are!)  it needs to have a shoulder strap (adjustable), not be too heavy, and not have unneccesary metal details or other ornamentation.  it should be functional and at the same time stylish, with probably a square or rectangular shape.  the leather should feel sensuous but sturdy and it must be comfortable to carry.  it should exude both class and practicality.  omg—good thing i did not apply these standards to shopping for a husband! 

after a thorough survey of local stores and an on-line search, i believe i have narrowed it down to 3 general directions.  a brand called hobo seems to make a number of quite attractive little purses.  in fact, fed up with looking and increasingly embarrassed by the sorry state of my longchamps, i bought one a few weeks ago, only to discover it was not really comfortable.  i had to return it to one of those stores that only issues store credit, so now i have no purse, and a large credit weighing on my conscience! 

in the meantime, i came across the cutest dooney & bourke purse (called a letter-carrier) on zappos.  i’ve always loved dooney & bourke, but can’t quite go forward with this until i see what i can get with my store-credit! 

also found some rather nice longchamp purses on the nordstrom web-site, but same story there.  as you might imagine, i have been driving mr. noir and everyone else nuts with my indecision and am about ready to just carry my old purse until it no longer holds water (or eye-liner).

or, maybe we need a little trip to gay paree


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