by admin on February 17, 2011

hunter sniffing

hunter’s rule goes without saying for any dog, but is rarely followed or even considered by humans.  hunter’s rule is this:  sniff first. 

when we adopted hunter (i am ashamed to admit that we got him from a pet store before we were aware how totally un-pc that was), they had a little play area where you could interact with the animal.  what struck us most about hunter was that, in contrast to the other puppies, he thought before he acted.  rather than just leaping into the fray, he listened, looked, SNIFFED and cogitated before approaching us or the other objects in the room. 

to this day, hunter knows immediately if i introduce a new article of clothing into the household, and makes sure to sniff it out.  does anyone else remember a time during the sixties when certain fabrics produced a most unpleasant smell if you perspired while wearing them?  one of my favorite stores has a sale rack with great bargains, but the clothing always smells musty and has to be laundered repeatedly before passing hunter’s rule! 

i love the smell of cotton t-shirts when you first buy them (something about the dye i imagine), but it soon dissipates after washing.    i suppose i am the only person you know who smells their clothing.  on the other hand, many of you probably use the smell test to decide whether to send something to the dry-cleaner (and if you don’t, you should!) 

i have always been highly sensitive to the smell of things, but living with a dog and learning to taste wine has amplified this.  the other day i finally “got” the smell of corked wine.  i had the opportunity to sniff the same wine from a corked and an uncorked bottle; the corked bottle smelled like, well, musty cork, while the uncorked one smelled like wine. 

so now i smell just about everything that comes my way.  some of what i encounter is not altogether pleasant, but it rarely fails to add depth, history, and interest to an experience!  try it sometime and think of hunter.

sniffing my way through life,



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