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i’m not sure if readers really want to know the outcomes of some of esme’s clothing quests (boyfriend jeans, purses, etc.).  the very question suggests a sort of anticlimactic feeling about the final outcome, and supports the notion that, when it comes to shopping (as well as many other pursuits), the hunt is more exciting than the kill. 

i do wish i could pose this question to hunter, but since i’ve never allowed him to actually kill anything (aside from hundreds of stuffed animals) he would be unable to answer. 

well, i’ll tell you about my finds anyway, and let you be the judge!  ok, after trying on many many boyfriend jeans and returning 2 that were purchased on-line, i finally settled upon a modest (i.e. non-expensive) pair from american eagle outfitters; they are not perfect, but they are perfectly acceptable, comfortable, sturdy, not too deconstructed, and aesthetically approved by mr. noir.  still experimenting with what to wear with them.  the best so far has been one of my ancient oversized black silk shirts (tucked in), a silk tie borrowed from mr. noir as a belt, and sandals.  the shape is so different from skinnies or bootcuts that trials are still on-going. 

oh, the handbag quest!  this one dragged me from hopeful heights to the depths of despair and back again. (were you aware that mr. noir is a psychiatrist??)  in fact, i did end up taking the husband with me after my disasterous initial purchase and return.  once he had to snatch a bag from me and demonstrate quite forcefully that my cell-phone really would fit into the little pouch that i was convinced was too small (so sexy!!). 

i finally settled on a dashing and practical little purse in this odd material  which appears to be made of recycled automobile tires (very industrial chic).  i find myself fantasizing about becoming a multi-purse person; now that i’ve dealt with the basics, the idea of a red or orange handbag holds considerable appeal.    

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