by admin on February 17, 2011

time for a trip

esme has recently encountered an unprecidented problem:  she has become aware that she really truly has enough clothes (some might even say too many).  the main symptom of this problem is that she has outfits that have not been given outings in months or even years, that have, in fact, in spite of their inherent wonderfulness, been lost in the crowded depths of esme’s closet and memory. 

every once in a while mr. noir does me the supreme favor of reminding me of one of these outfits (“whatever happened to that so-and-so you bought in such-and-such?”, for instance.)  omg, then i must get it out and wear it!  or perhaps the problem is that i don’t have enough events in my current life to which to wear my collection of clothes; there are only so many clothes you can wear for reading, dog-walking, swimming, eating out, writing, and visiting relatives. 

the obvious solution would be to get a job (supplying both occasions and funds), but as mr. noir puts it, “working is soooo twentieth century!”  anyway, a real job has a tendency to interfere with one’s shopping life (and one’s spirits) in a big way.  certainly i could handle my clothing excess with a few trips to the goodwill; however, these are GOOD CLOTHES and the ones i’m willing to part with have already been parted with.  we could make christophe’s room into a closet, but he still does visit occasionally.  we could take up opera, but all that sitting…..

anyway, the best solution that i can see is to go on a little trip.  this way one is sure to need all sorts of clothes that one has either forgotten or never had in the first place, and one is almost guaranteed a new shopping venu (if you go anywhere mildly civilized, which we do).  in fact, we are planning a jaunt to paso robles for eating, drinking, meeting friends, and wearing our warm-weather clothing. i can’t wait, and i saw just the perfect outfit in a store the other day.

can you ever really have enough??



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