by admin on February 17, 2011

teenage boys at the beach

i was standing in line at the grocery store the other day (you can tell i’m from the west, as i did not say “on line”) when i overheard an older lady making disparaging remarks about her teenage nephews.  there were elements of both fear and revulsion in her words.  i could not contain myself and leapt in to defend the breed. 

now i have spent most of my life viewing teenage boys as an alien and rather scarey species.  i used to shrink just a bit if one of these smelly little gangsters came too near me. that was before my cherished christophe morphed into one of them.  in the early teenage years, these guys can be a bit smelly.  but soon they will discover the wonders of showering and you will be hard-pressed to limit them to two showers per day.  they will begin to exude a most wonderful soapy masculine smell.  and where you find one of them you will likely find 3 or 4, as they prefer to travel in packs. 

if you happen to have one of these packs in your house, you may be surprised at how wonderfully sweet they can be.  they will refer to you as mrs.noir, take their dishes to the sink, and perhaps even give you a heartfelt hug upon leaving.  their silly guffaws will be transformed into deep chuckles, and you will realize that you have these marvels of unspoiled masculinity right  there in your very own living room! 

when they naively fail to wear shirts in the house, you will be of two minds about enforcing the “no shirt, no service” rule.  the teenage boy is a particularly wonderful phenomenon for someone like esme, who grew up in a family of girls (including the dog).  if only i had appreciated them when i was a teenager myself!  it is just a matter of weeks before christophe crosses over the threshold of teenagerhood.  i hope i will be able to maintain my joy and admiration for the species long after he is grown!

har har har your mom’s grown heh heh heh,



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