by admin on February 17, 2011

harem pants

usually i pride myself on moderation in all things.  i have never been one of those stimulation-seeking persons who do things to extreme.  even as a shopaholic, i am moderate in comparison to others of the same ilk.  however, this time i may have gone over-board. 

in reaction to the year-of-the-skinny-jean, i have just gone out and purchased the most wonderfully exaggerated pair of what can only be described as harem pants.  they must have yards of material.  the “rise” comes about to my knees.  and truly they are the most comfortable and fetching purchase i’ve made in a long time. 

 mr. noir, whimsey, and hunter all approve (they passed the sniff test with flying colors), and i got quite the (admiring??) looks when i wore them out the other evening.  they are even made in morocco!  i have paired them with a sleeveless kind of tan and off-black assymetrical top and decided that even tho it shows my arm-fat, it’s ok;  a middle-aged woman is entitled to a little arm (and other) fat now and then. 

my only worry is that i hope i’m not slipping into what roz calls “the goddess years.”  this concept originated with a new yorker article a while back and refers to women-of-a-certain age who dress in caftans, bright colors and wild ethnic prints.  roz and adrian would make a sport of spotting them when they journeyed down town. ok, i may have to send them a photo and see if i pass muster.  but even if i don’t, will i keep wearing the outfit anyway?  a curse upon goddess years!  maybe i shall become a witch.

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