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lynch bages

so esme and mr. noir took a little wine-tasting jaunt to paso robles and met up with mr. noir’s friend from 4th grade, vinnie whineberg and his girlfriend felicity.  vinnie has been a connoisseur of the noble grape for many years. he now works in the wine biz and is, as christope’s track coach once said, “happy as a pig in slop”.  he has collected french wine since before most of you were born and delights in showing it off to his grade-school friend. 

whenever we get together with vinnie we are absolutely FORCED to drink way more wine than we could ever have imagined and consume lots of terrific food to accompany it.  as just one example, the other night we enjoyed a 1970 lynch-bages.  this glorious oldster proves that one is not over the hill at 40. i have never tasted anything like this wine or anything quite as good.  nose and palate were indescribably sensuously mushroomy earthy.  i’d tell you to rush out and buy a bottle but i rather doubt it is obtainable.  

my main (self-appointed) task during these ventures is to find creative ways to keep myself from gaining 10 pounds and destroying my liver.  believe me this is not easy, but i’ve managed to develope an at least somewhat effective strategie over the years.  the only trouble is, i  sometimes get myself in the hot water with vinnie and mr. noir, but i presume that is preferable to ending up with cirrohsis of the liver!  well, one never knows. 

the one disappointing aspect of the trip was that the shopping was positively fehhhh!  paso robles consists of vineyards and restaurants and more vineyards and restaurants.  you would imagine that such a place would have a few interesting shops but you would be disappointed.  anyway, i took pleasure in wearing my new harem-pant-and-plaid-top outfit, which was great for over-eating, and had a magic spell cast over it to avoid red-wine spills.  (mr. noir did spill a bit of white on it, but that was easily taken care of.) 

besides several cases of wine, the only thing we bought was this great gizmo that mr. noir calls a “schnizzler”.  it’s a gadget meant to aerate your wine and is all the rage among wine snobs.  when applied, it makes a noise that will crack you up! 

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