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shades of green

olive oil tasting

i was so wrapped up in lynch bages that i totally forgot to tell you about our olive oil tasting.  having concluded that we were “wined-out”, as felicity put it, we decided to try the other speciality of the region, olive oil. 

like most of you, i have certainly consumed my share of olive oil; in fact i try to have some daily for the sake of my heart, hair, skin, and various other organs.  however, i’ve never gone to an olive-oil TASTING. it is remarkably similar to wine-tasting, only oilier. 

so, they pour the olive oil into a teeny little container resembling a cough medicine top.  you warm in up in your hands by rubbing the bottom like a magic lamp.  you sniff, then pour a few drops into your mouth and roll it on your tongue.  the olive oils ranged from “buttery” to “spicey” to “grassy”.  one actually smelt like new-mown hay.  like wine, they change in flavor as they hit different parts of your tongue, and some had an amazing sort of peppery afterglow! 

this was all quite instructive, although, as mr. noir put it, a bit sickening.  it definately made one thirsty for some 40 year old bordeaux or perhaps a sip of diamond creek!  you know how couples fight about the stupidest things?  well, mr. noir and esme narrowly escaped a fight over olive oil, if you can imagine such a thing.  mr. noir liked the buttery one while esme liked the peppery one.  esme received quite the “harumph” from mr. noir, which she managed to deflect just in time by suggesting they buy both. 

btw, i wore (of course), olive green yaelorgad kakhi’s, an olive green tank, a grey-green prairie underground moth jacket and (oops) black sandals,



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