by admin on February 17, 2011

opening champagne

here is a rule that i can’t believe i’ve never heard before:  to open a bottle of champagne, grasp the cork and twist the bottle—guaranteed or you get a free bottle from vinnie! 

a wine question:  enophiles sometimes describe wine as “a living thing”.  wine goes through various phases during it’s “lifetime”—closed down, open, tight, soft (sound like anyone you know??).  is this a metaphor, or does bottled wine contain living organisms???  phashion plate, i’ll bet you know the answer to this one! 

another wine question (this one has really been keeping vinnie up at night):  german wine-makers claim that their wine tastes of the minerals in the soil where the grapes were grown—-could a chemist actually detect these minerals in the wine, or is this also a manner of speaking??  whoever gets the answer first receives a free life-time subscription to ESME’S GUIDE FOR THE SERIOUS SPORTSHOPPER! (joke)

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