by admin on February 17, 2011

swim team

christophe had the most delightful swimming coach in high school.  this guy was (is) an intriguing combination of aging hippy and former jock.  before meets he would take the team out to a peaceful place behind the pool and lead them in a guided meditation.  christophe would emerge glowing with health and energy!  

christophe recently told me that this coach taught them a technique for increasing speed: hold your breath until the last minute and then let it out just before you breath.  i was surprised by this, as it goes against what i had been taught.  christophe explained the rationale;  the more air in your lungs, the more bouyant you are.  the coach had the kids expermint with this.  start out with full lungs and you will be floating high on the water.  let out some air and you sink a bit.  let out all your air and you will be suspended just below the water.  i tried it the other day and sure enough it’s true! (not that i really aim for speed these days).  if you practice this daily you may end up with lovely smooth swimmer’s muscles just like the high school swim team’s!

(but don’t hold your breath), 



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