by admin on February 17, 2011

swimming laps

some people seem to think that lap-swimming is boring.  esme has never found this to be the case.  perhaps it is a matter of temperament, but i find my mind and body completely engaged while swimming. 

the feeling of the water moving around one’s body is a very sensual one.  i can focus endlessly on the little variations in this sensation (note that it feels quite different if you have just shaved your legs vs. if you have let your leg-hair grow out!).  you can focus on the way you move your arms.  you can try to improve your kick.  you can experiment with speed.  you can try for the smoothest stroke possible.   you can play with the air in your lungs and the feeling of bubbles exiting your mouth.   for a body-focused individual (which, as you may have guessed, esme is) the possibilities are endless. 

even in a pool, it is amazing how the feel of the water varies.  at times it feels soft; at others thicker and choppier. i can sense a change of one degree in water temperature.  so you see, there is really no excuse for boredom….anyway, you can always plan your next shopping quest! (note:  the one problem with swimming is that it is not a weight-bearing activity, so you really must do some shopping for the sake of your bones!)




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