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esme's grandpa as a young dog



french sandwiche

         in order to fulfill her 30 day shopping moratorium, esme will just have to write about matters which don’t subject her to the temptation to buy clothes!  she received an unexpected gift via facebook recently when some college cronies started a discussion about men’s wear.  it began with the question of whether it was ok to wear shorts and sandals with socks (!!! i am sure you know the answer to that one!).  my chum yves from alsace piped up with an observation about a couple of garments men are sporting in his neighborhood. one is called a “corsaire” (or pirate).  these are tightish shorts that come below the knee similar to bicycling or running shorts.  another is called a “pantacourt” (short pants i presume) and is a looser version of a mid-calf length pant akin to a cropped cargo pant. esme has never seen a male person wearing either one of these garments in the u.s. but perhaps we’ll be seeing them soon! the pantacourt seems like a great alternative to shorts, especially for the over-50 crowd. 

however, according to yves, this style spans the generations.  i inquired whether yves had seen real people wearing these pantlets, and here are some of his observations.  “i went out for a sandwich and saw a young man walk by wearing a camouflage cloth pair with a t-shirt and flip-flops.  then, in a grocery store a customer was wearing a nice pair of beige canvas hiking-pants-style with pockets—they came almost to his ankles, but that may have been due to his waist-size (!)”  yves promises a photo and i can’t wait to receive it. 

 i still can’t get over the wonder of hearing from someone in another country as though they were right next door!  and i love imagining the little grocery where yves probably bought his sandwich (a pain fromage et jambon perchance??)  both of us wonder about the origin of the pantacourt:  extension of the baggy-pants look?  hip-hop derived?  throw-back to the 30’s when men sported a more tailored version for casual wear?  (note:  the jaunty gentleman pictured above is esme’s grandpapa, full of p and v until leaving the planet at age 99).

day 12 of ”sobriety”,



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