by admin on February 18, 2011

dutch orange

esme has another college chum who has spent years and years traveling all over the world. sarah is a phenomenal polyglot who appears to pick up languages the way some people catch a cold. her facebook posts arrive in at least 5 different languages, including chinese!  at the moment she resides in amsterdam, and has become quite the soccer fan.

imagine my surprise when she revealed that orange (or oranj) is the dutch national color! everyone there has gone crazy for orange with the world cup soccer games going on.  sarah showed a fantastic facebook photo of herself togged out in orange nail-polish, orange blouse, orange earrings, all topped by a very sportif (non-orange) trench. what i don’t know is whether the dutch always go around in orange, or if it reflects a temporary surge of nationalism due to soccer mania. 

when i inquired, sarah answered that the dutch do indeed wear more orange than most (well, it does look quite nice with blue eyes), but not as much as they have been  wearing during the world cup.  i gather there was even some sort of scandal involving women in orange mini-dresses being expelled from the stadium!  perhaps amsterdam would be the place for esme to visit in search of the perfect freelander orange garment she has been yearning for…  

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