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tan trench and narrow pants


kate puts it this way:  dressing up is easy; it’s looking good in day-to-day clothes that poses a challenge.  as soon as the words escaped kate’s mouth esme knew they were the words of a wise woman.   we couldn’t exactly call it kate’s rule, but we began to ask the question whenever we were out and about. 

despite the time and money most people spend on their clothes (and esme includes herself), many people one sees around fail to impress, and some are down-right dowdy.  part of the problem is the age-old issue of fashion vs. comfort.  certainly one wants to be comfortable when going to the grocery store or checking out the shops on ocean ave.  on the other hand, why wear clothes at all if they don’t look great?? 

nowhere is this problem more acute than when it comes to the matter of shoes.  as you know, kate and i have been on a quest for shoes that are both comfortable and stylish, and it is a difficult quest indeed.  kate is attracted to women in upscale sneaker-like shoes that don’t look like sneakers.  she pointed out a woman with some gold nike-descendants as an example.  esme tends to like a more whimsical look.  just today she admired a woman at the gym wearing some  born maryjanes with little leather flowers on top.  this same woman suggested a brand called san miguel, which i intend to seek out. 

when i asked kate about her conclusions thus far, she painted a picture of a woman in black leggings or narrow pants, the above-mentioned shoes, a short trench on top, large sunglasses and of course a “killer bag” (unspecified as to color or style).  i thought the trench was a brilliant touch, and one i had not considered.  oh my—-the subject for a whole new quest! 

esme has been drawn to narrow khaki pants worn with black t’s and maybe a jean jacket, merrell-like sandals on the feet, a silk or cotton scarf and a bag too small to attract attention.  on a hot day, a sun-dress and flip-flops might be cool. neither of us has yet spotted harem pants and shrouds being worn about town, but you never know.  we are keeping our eyes peeled!




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