by admin on February 18, 2011

sleeping sandals

in anticipation of warmer weather kate and i have both decided we need some sandals.  while esme has, of necessity, worn comfortable flat sandals for years, poor kate has only just discovered that her sexy heels just will not do for a job which entails standing up most of the day. we’ve both seen these cool gladiator sandals in the fashion mags and even on real humans, but the store we went to didn’t have any. 

so we tried some merrells, some cydwoks and a few other brands.  what cracked me up about this expedition was how different our toes looked in the same shoes.  while kate’s toes were too long for every pair she tried, mine were too short!  going up or down a size did not solve the problem.  in addition, we have both developed unfortunate protrusions and vulnerabilities of the foot which we definately did not have last summer.  ah, the humiliations of middle age!  the salewoman tried her best, but ended up disappointed. 

i did note that this season there is quite a selection of reasonably comfy sandals which are also reasonably cute.  if you really luck out and have just the right kind of foot, you may even be able to find some extremely comfortable ones which are also extremely cute, but i’m not holding my breath. 

i found a pretty good pair of neutral-colored merrells and, following esme’s rule, decided to sleep on them (well, you know what i mean). just in case, i did a quick check of zappos—guess what?  they had them for $12 less, no tax, no shipping.  quick as a flash i pushed the order button.  they arrived in a nice leathery-smelling box less than 24 hours later! i’d still like a pair of just the right gladiators, but that will have to wait for another day.

cooling my toes,



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