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sacramento st.

harem pants at zuni cafe

following a series of recent rather pricey purchases, and a bunch of little ones that all added up, mr. noir and i decided that it would be a good idea for esme to take a little break from shopping…maybe a month or so?  this was not something we fought about, but a matter of common sense.  so here is what happened, and perhaps you will see yourself in this story. 

after our trip to paso robles, esme realized that she had absolutely no sandals in which to walk comfortably.  by now you have read about the outcome—to wit, a lovely pair of merrells purchased for a significant bargain on-line (well, that doesn’t really count, does it??).  note:  i am exceedingly happy with the merrells, which allowed me to peruse the shops in san francisco all day without trouble.  which leads me into the next phase.  mr. noir had to go to s.f. to take a medical course (updates in psychopharmacology), so we decided to spend a few nights and make it a little vacation.  i pushed very hard to stay at the laurel inn, just a block from the renowned shops of sacramento st.  after all, what would i do on my own all day while mr. noir attended the conference, and really, one can always look, right? 

the first night we had the most wonderful dinner at the zuni cafe.  we used to eat there regularly when we were city denizens and had the same delicious meal we might have had 20 years ago (caesar salad and zuni roast chicken for 2).  the zuni has always been a great place for people-watching, tho to tell you the truth, i didn’t see many outfits on women worth remarking upon.  the gay men were another story.  however, the hostess (a darling young thing quite nicely togged out) complimented me with enthusiasm on MY outfit—the harem pants and asymetrical blouse, topped with a garment we call my shroud (more on that at another time). 

 this outfit was not only comfortable but attracted some looks, a phenomenon for which, at esme’s age, one can only be grateful.  needless to say, despite my one-month vow of shopping celibacy, i returned to the hotel primed for a good look at what sacramento st. had to offer!  how i do love san francisco—just look at the buildings! 

to be continued in all good time,


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