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despite our sumptuous zuni dinner, we were both up bright and early on sat. morning, mr. noir ready to learn and esme ready to “just look.”  it was not easy to wait until 10 am to start looking, but wait i did.  imagine my surprise when few of the shops were open! 

 turns out the only stores able to accomodate us early-birds were a series of consignment stores.  i figured i’d spend an hour perusing these and move on to the real stores.  however, the first consignment store i entered, “goodbyes”, presented a cornicopia of goodies—rows and rows of designer clothes, many of them unworn.  armani suits, citron silk blouses, chanel trousers beckoned.  the other customers were friendly and happy to render opinions as well as to receive them; it was like a little club.  i emerged 2 hours later, tired but happy and clutching the perfect eskandar knit linen top to match my (by now) favorite harem pants.  

 i should have been ready to stop for lunch, but couldn’t resist walking just a bit further to see what was on the horizon.  lo and behold, another consignment store (billed as s.f.’s best) met my gaze.  had to pop in and check it out.  and what should leap off the rack at me but a killer eskandar white cotton blouse with a rounded stand-up collar in a size 0.  mr. noir happens to love white cotton blouses so i knew he couldn’t possibly object if i tried it on.  uh oh, it looked great! 

while i was wearing it around the shop, a stylish woman asked my advice about an outfit she was considering to wear to her high school reunion.  she had on a lovely subtle plaid linenish jacket, which i urged her to buy.  when i inquired about the designer, she said it was a woman designer she had never heard of.  turned out to be diana slavin, the shop-owner and designer from whom i bought most of my work clothes when i had a real job! 

so i tried on the rest of the diana slavin’s in the store, a nice camel coat, and a few more goodies, before deciding that the only one i really had to have was the eskandar.  as you can see, looking leads to touching, which leads to trying on, which leads, well, to a few little purchases—but oh, such bargains, and such fun!

that doesn’t really count, right?



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