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luna and namesake

sacramento st. stores

after the excitement of the consignment stores i was determined to refuel and take a little rest.  however, my shopping mojo was up and a rest was out of the question.  i spent the afternoon looking in the fancy stores of sacramento st. and chatting with the shop-owners. 

had i not been honoring a shopping moratorium, there would have been lots to buy.  the owner of a  shop called nicolette absolutely insisted i try on this appealing silk racer-back tank top with a pattern of small elephants.  she produced a belt, some pants and a bag to accessorize and i could have happily walked out of there in that elephant tank.  in fact, i am still fantasizing about it.  racer-back print tanks seem to be a hot trend, the only problem being what to wear underneath.  some people layer tanks but this look doesn’t do much for esme, so a quest for a racer-back bra would have to ensue. 

on my way down the block to the next store, my attention was captured by a woman in a simple outfit consisting of black leggings and an assymetrical white linen top.  nipping into luna, i spotted the top right away.  of course i had to try it on while chatting with the owner, a former architect would has just recently opened the store.  the store is named after her dog, luna, who was lounging on the couch. 

what turned out to be my last stop was a store called susan.  i’ve always been curious about this store, as years ago i had heard rumors that a former boyfriend had married the owner and produced quintuplets (i believe i read this in herb caen)!  it is a lovely store carrying high-end designer labels that i’ve only read about.  there was a sale-rack, however, and a lanvin gown in grey silk caught my eye.  i did indeed try it on, but in the end decided my life-style just could not justify such a purchase. 

good thing i refrained, as what did mr. noir regale me with when he came back from his conference but a lecture on addictive shopping, which is apparently quite common (really??) and responds well to ssri’s (you know, prozac etc.)!   nonetheless, he did approve of the eskandars.

now i’m REALLY going to take a break from shopping,



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