by admin on February 19, 2011

hunter as a pup.....awwwwww.....

what does a shopping high feel like to you?  for esme it tends to be a jazzy, edgy, almost amphetamine-like affair, good for losing weight, but not so great for sleeping!  i would imagine the heart-rate and respiration go up, and images crowd the mind.  well, no wonder i love it!  just looking doesn’t have quite the same effect. 

on the other hand, esme had a recent conversation with a facebook friend who told her about research suggesting that oxytocin, a “bonding hormone” (and the one responsible for lactation) is released when people interact via social-networking.  oxytocin tends to have a peaceful, calming effect, unlike shopping.  so what happens when one shops on-line???  research possibilities abound! 

one thing i’m almost certain of is that cuddling with a favorite pet releases a lot of oxytocin.  when hunter was a puppy, he used to curl up just under my neck and fall asleep.  the warmth, the steady heart-beat, the limp furry weight of him would send me into the most fabulously blissful state!  except for the fact that my shoulders got stiff and it was a tad hard to breath, i could have lain there with him endlessly.  indeed, had i known one could achieve this nirvana with a dog, i would never have bugged mr. noir endlessly for a second child!  even the light smell of clean puppy under one’s nose and the little dream-twitches were heavenly! 

now that hunter is a mature (in fact middle-aged) dog, he is more reserved.  in fact, it is all i can do to entice him onto my lap for more than a few minutes.  which is perhaps for the best, as mr. noir was starting to become distincly jealous there for awhile.

looking forward to my next shopping fix,



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