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sailor at the MPYC

by now you’ve heard about mr. noir’s love of the automobile.  the other thing he loves is sailing.  believe me, esme has tried to learn to love sailing (after all, she is a devoted water person).  however, she repeatedly ended up sea-sick, cold, sore, and…..(sorry mr. noir) devastatingly bored. 

christophe inherited these proclivities and we have a great photo of him at age 3 throwing up on deck (carrots and potato chips).  in addition, esme’s sense of spatial relations “sucks” as they say, and the notion of learning fore from aft seemed overwhelming. 

all in all, esme really could not find much to recommend sailing, aside from the raising of the cocktail burgee, and by that time she would be too unhappy even to enjoy a nice gin and tonic (burrrrrr!)  lo these many years later, even the smell of the cabin is enough to make her feel a bit ill. 

nonetheless, with esme’s encouragement, mr. noir has purchased a charmingly delapidated little boat from the ‘60’s.  and esme has fallen in love with the local yacht club, which serves excellent martinis.  the yc is friendly, warm and cozy, and best of all, stationary.  you have a fabulous view, and many of the members are non-sailors just like esme.   

so what does the real sailing person wear??  if you have never tried sailing you might be surprised to learn that both the experience and the attire resemble not at all the image one sees in fashion photo-shoots picturing dashing men and women in white pants, navy blazers with gold buttons, little staw hats,and perhaps high-heeled espadrilles.  they will be photographed tossing their blonde locks in the gentle wind and perhaps holding a glass of champagne. 

the reality is COMPLETELY different.  off the central and northern california coast one has to be prepared to get wet, cold and dirty (as mr. noir so aptly put it).  in warmer climes, one might avoid the cold, but still needs to be prepared for the wet and dirty part.   thus, white is definately out.  boats heel (which means you feel like you are going to keel over), spray spurts up and over the deck, and wet you will be.  thus, a typical outfit for mr. noir’s sail would be:  worn baggy-butt jeans; faded navy polo shirt; topsiders with (in mr.noir’s case) long navy socks; a long-billed baseball cap (his favorite is one that says “rumery’s boatworks” on the bill);  a tan or navy windbreaker; an old sweater; sunglasses; and sunscreen. 

his current crew-member (a fellow originally from central america) wears:  tight but faded jeans; a short-sleeved logo t-shirt; deckshoes; a big mustache; and nothing else.  when esme dares set foot onboard as the cocktail burgee goes up, she wears:  thick jeans; long-sleeved t; sweater; ankle-length down coat;  fleece cap coverd by tilley hat; wool socks; rubber-soled boots.  just in case, she brings along gloves, a scarf and a tab of dramamine! 

prefering to watch from shore,




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