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despite my shopping moratorium, i certainly could not refuse a gift given to me last weekend by some good friends.  a wonderful rittmaster t-shirt, similar to my sunflower one but adorned with images of dogs sporting little red collars, it has made a great addition to my wardrobe.  not only that, but it has become quite an ice-breaker! 

the other day i had to get up early and skip my breakfast in order to have my cholesterol tested at the cvs pharmacy lab.  i absolutely hate doing this.  in addition to fainting when i get my blood drawn, i loathe leaving my house without my morning coffee. i still fail to understand how a cup of pure black joe could possiblity change my cholesterol reading.  be that as it may, them’s the rules, and as you know, esme follows the rules (anyway they could smell the coffee on your breath if you lied).  our cvs lab is a funky little affair in the back of the pharmacy manned by a single brave soul who does all the paperwork plus the phlebotomy, so even if you are only the second person in line, things can take awhile.  important to always bring a book. 

this time, however, i did not need my book.  as i sat down, the woman in the next seat complimented me on my dog t-shirt.  thus ensued a quite entertaining conversation about dogs vs. cats, cultural changes in how we view pets, and so on.  in fact, the phlebotomist told us that the conversation was the most interesting thing that had happened to her in a while, and she’d be disappointed when we left!  turns out she had recently adopted a stray cat and the story of the cat kept me so distracted that i hardly noticed the blood-draw!  nonetheless i was dying for my coffee and hi-tailed it out of there with unprecedented speed.  definately the best coffee i’ve had in a while!

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