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naive print-mixing

hunter and i encountered this charming little girl and her family in the park the other day.  we were refugees from the grade-school playground (a good place for dogs on weekends) where we had assumed that school was out for the holiday but were sadly mistaken.  before i could bat an eye, hunter had run up to investigate some backpacks, had discovered some poor child’s sandwich sitting within easy tongue’s reach, and had swallowed it in one gulp.  having no way of replacing the sandwich, we figured we’d better get the heck outta dodge before the crime was discovered.  i hoped they would think it was a crow. 

so anyway, we ended up at the park, hoping for a better start.  a dog is a great conversation starter at the park, but only if the natives are friendly.  if they happen to be un-dog-people, their first interaction with you may be to clutch their child protectively, shoo off your dog and give you the evil eye.  we lucked out in this case and began to chat with this friendly family about dogs and kids. 

esme admired the little girl’s outfit.  her mom volunteered that her daughter was quite insistent about choosing her own clothes:  the best the mom could do was to put suitable garments in the drawers and hope her daughter would elect to wear them.  check out the ensemble this clever 3 year old has put together.  the print-mixing has a wonderfully fresh and almost primitivist appeal.  the whole is unified by the color pink (of course), while the eye is entertained by the striking combination of patterns and shapes.  esme was especially taken with the striped leggings! 

when i asked to take a photo, the mom  explained that her daughter, clearly a young person of very firm opinions, was not keen on photo-shoots.  however, the mom was happy to have me take a picture if i could take it on the sly.  i got this one on the first try, and i think the budding fashionista will get a kick out of it when she is my age!

chatting up the natives,



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