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woman on horseback

Dear Esmé,
Loved your sailing post – so sorry that sailing doesn’t seem to be for you…in terms of the utter enjoyment of being ‘out there’, as you are such a water nymph – Sirius (the name of the boat in the photo), brightest star in the sky…heralding the ‘Dog Days’ of summer…Reminded me of the old days when I had a horse, in Cameroun, a wonderful Arab stallion….named Sirius!

esme replies:  i know i know, by all rights i should love sailing, but i just don’t…..i think a lot has to do with a propensity for motion-sickness.  i’ve always been leery of horses too, altho my sisters ruby and rose were consummate riders as children, and even christophe is quite a good horseman. 

however, i just love the image of my reader astride an arab stallion, black i presume, her hair flying in the wind, perhaps with a small english saddle, or perhaps no saddle at all.  what would she be wearing do you imagine??  oh, khaki jodphurs, a tooled leather belt, fabulous boots (red, maybe?), a beige silk tank-top that shows off her arms.  she might be carrying a little riding crop and her hair is tied back with an olive-green grossgrain ribbon.  she gallops along a sandy plain, perfectly in tune with her mount, fast but unafraid.  ok, so i got the details a teeny weeny bit wrong, but do believe i captured the spirit!

you can do anything in your imagination you know,



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