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the "shroud"

tilda swinton’s monastic look

             many years ago, when esme was really just a youngster, she wrote a poem called “shopping for my shroud”.  it is one her favorites, but rather too sappy to reprint here.  oddly enough, a few months after writing this piece, she became quite ill (she has since recovered completely) and the poem began to seem like a harbinger. 

one of the first sylvie garments i fell in love with is a long taupish thing-a-ma-jig in fine cotton with lovely tailored details.  it is not really a dress, or a coat, or even quite a tunic, so mr. noir (with his characterstic dark humor!) took to calling it “your shroud”, and the name has stuck.  whimsy, who is quite a fan of the shroud, will say something like “now those shoes would be great with your shroud.”  image what passersby must think! 

a plain, rather severe style channeling a monk’s robe (think tilda swinton) has wandered in and out of fashion over the decades, and esme has always found this look appealing.  odd, since she was raised in quite an un-religious environment.  perhaps this attraction reflects an unrequited longing for spiritual sustenance, in which case,  omg, shopping could be esme’s ticket to heaven (not that she believes in heaven….don’t get me wrong)! 

anyway, looking through my closet, i realize i have quite a little collection of monastic garments, and even a few long pendants to go with them.  i will confess to you that i have always secretly longed for just the right cross; however, my background absolutely prohibits the wearing of such a thing, and both my dear papa and mr. noir would fall over in a faint! 

it would also be quite wonderful to wear my hair all punked out and spikey with maybe a little purple streak to go with the monastic look, but here again is something i am unlikely to do in this life.  maybe a saffron robe?? i was rather hoping that 2011’s minimalist trend would veer towards the monkish, but what i’ve seen so far is more of a space-age, star-trekish look. 

ready to shop my way to enlightenment,



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