by admin on February 20, 2011

lace frock

multicolored dress

believe it or not, esme has been sticking to her shopping moratorium.  the experience has had interesting results, some anticipated, others not.  not surprisingly, a certain amount of malaise, or perhaps even satre-esque nausee has waxed and waned. 

on the other hand, esme has found herself looking at fashion from a whole new angle.  rather than focusing on outfits she might want to wear herself (admittedly an ego-centric approach) she has found herself noticing striking apparel for it’s purely aesthetic qualities, even if it is something she would never wear in a million years or even a million years ago!  a rather less acquisitive, more altruistic approach, don’t you think?? 

a few stores have displayed fantastic strapless tube-dresses, meant for an hour-glass figure.  i saw one in black and one in a kind of op-art fabric.  filmy sleeveless tops in neutral colors with subtle lacy details have caught my eye.  i saw the most fantastic woman wearing a short brown suede coat, tan gabardine trousers, and high heeled sandals, topped off with a short short short haircut worn under a brown straw boater.  i do wish i had taken her photo but couldn’t work up the courage in time. 

i have noted the increasing prevalence of short cargo pants, sometimes ”skinny”, other times loose, akin to the pantacourts described by yves, but for women.  and i’ve been attracted to a wonderful white lacy sleeveless frock by etro that i’ve seen in a store window.

an even more surprising development has been a gradual diminution of my desire to shop.  perhaps it’s because i’m recovering from a cold, but i had the opportunity to go to a pretty good sale the other day, and “just didn’t feel like it.”  now don’t worry, i’m sure i’ll bounce back, but this an unusual enough sensation that i sat up and took note.  and of course, if someone happened to drop a couple of billion dollars or so in my lap, there’s no telling what would happen……omg, as i look at the calendar i realize that my official shopping moratorium is due to end……..TOMORROW! 

all bets are off,



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