by admin on February 20, 2011

sylvie grays

so, the first thing esme did when her shopping moratorium expired was to take a little trip to sylvie’s.  she had in mind checking on a few items she’d seen awhile back.   as soon as she walked in she learned they were having a sale, and her fingers began to twitch!  she felt her shopping mojo returning with surprising speed.  her excitement mounted. 

she had mr. noir in tow.  his brow began to take on a worried expression while dark humor issued from his lips.  esme swooped in on:  a pair of slim pants with ruching/tucking at the cuffs; an assymetrical sleeveless t; another crazy nameless tunicky vesty thing; a knit sleeveless long sweater vest that matched the pants (i am still a sucker for dark grey).  mr. noir:  ok to the pants, no to the tunicky thing, maybe to the sweater vest, and no to the t. 

then, he picked out a gorgeous light cashmere vesty ponchoey thingy in the window in rusts/browns/oranges.  esme thought it was cool, but too expensive/too warm/too colorful.  but mr. noir would not take no for an answer.  fine. 

 part of my shopping difficulty at this stage in the game (both the fashion game and the game of the constantly mutating middle-aged body), is a confusion in profiles.  i know i no longer like the fitted-all-over hourglass (way too much squishy shapeless stuff becomes shockingly evident).  in early 2010 (as you know), esme and kate were entranced with the upside-down triangle look (skinny pant/legging with a loose top)—really great for concealing the belly, but hard on the thighs and having a tendency to look a bit enceinte!  then, esme discovered the wonders of harem pants!  i really am in love with the pair i have, and am now seeing modified versions of them in macy’s and the like.  but these require a shorter, usually fitted top.  the plaidish sleevelss top i wear with my harems requires a racer-back bra (which i’ve been unable to find) and the sleevless or tighter look runs the danger of emphasizing one’s newly acquired back fat (horrors!). 

 not to mention that each profile requires a different kind of jacket or coat, a necessity in a coastal climate.  i suppose one could accumulate a closetful of both shapes, but that ends up being A LOT OF CLOTHES and makes one’s daily choice of garb doubley confusing.  this raises the question of whether spending a longer time or a shorter time choosing one’s outfit would help one avoid that accident-to-be on the highway, but this, kanehora, is out of our hands!




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