by admin on February 20, 2011

purple gym outfit

the only good thing about the demise of esme’s locker-room has been the opportunity (nay, the necessity) it presents to BUY NEW STUFF.  on the one hand, shopping for swimming suits and workout clothes has never been esme’s idea of fun.  on the other hand, workout clothes have come a long way since esme devoted serious attention to shopping for them. 

among the things that burned was a tattered but useful black sweatshirt and sweatpants outfit that esme has worn since she was pregnant with christophe.  as far as sentimental value goes, this outfit was irreplacable.  however, in terms of fashion, it was definately on the far end of grunge.  because it is virtually impossible to find women’s sweats with cuffs on the pants, esme quickly gave up the notion of duplicating her black sweats (may they rest in peace).  instead, while she was shopping for swimming goggles, a fetching little eggplant-colored workout suit caught her eye.  in the past, her eye would have skimmed right over such a garment (way too cute in a sort of 24-hr.-fitness-singles-clubbish sort of way?).  however, necessity is the mother of invention and esme was desparate enough to at least try it on. 

imagine her surprise when it really looked (and felt) quite good!  omg, esme could be STYLIN’ on the exercise bike!  watch out mr. noir!!  she obsessed for a day or 2 about the fittedness of the pants (the harem-pants look has yet to hit mainstream workout wear) and then decided that a) you only live once, and b) fate was surely putting the perfect purple pumping-iron outfit in her path for a reason.  now i see why people wear these workout clothes around town (a practise i have always detested)!

never too old to change,                                                                                                                                   



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