by admin on February 20, 2011

strapless bras


you may recall that before the trauma of the gym-fire esme had begun a little quest for a racerback bra.  rationally, she imagined this would be a piece of cake, as the racerback style is cropping up everywhere; surely the lingerie industry would be quick to provide appropriate undergarments!  however, she attempted to supress a frisson of unease, as every other time she has searched for a specific bra to go with a specific outfit, she has ended up disappointed. 

have you had this problem, readers??  i suppose the rule might be that if it takes a special kind of bra, be very very cautious about buying it! i have 2 wonderful little black dresses that require strapless bras.  i have gone thru an extraordinary number of strapless bras and strapless-bra-substitutes, only to have said items end up in an embarrassing little jumble around my waist!  the only vaguely workable solution has seemed to be those wierd little stick-on things, but they are difficult to tolerate for more than a few hrs., and beware the issue of the lady of nizes!  (you remember her don’t you???  there once was a lady from nizes, whose breasts were of two different sizes…..etc.)  in the end, sadly, i wear the dresses rarely and when i do, have found it better (despite my age and figure) to forsake a bra altogether than to go strapless.  i will confess that i have been given some looks, whether of admiration or opprobrium i could not say.  don’t ever let anyone tell you that men don’t look at a woman over 50; all it takes is the right (or wrong) outfit! 




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