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calvin klein racerback bra

racer-back top

so anyway, back to the quest for a racerback bra.  i tried some little boutiques, nordstrom’s and macy’s, all without luck.  some might say that you can wear a racerback top with a regular bra and just show the straps.  in my view, this might work for some (especially the young), but it did absolutely nothing for esme!  i tried wearing the top over a plain tank, but that looked silly too.  finally, just before the locker-room burned down, i spyed the perfect black racer-back bra on a petit asian woman.  she identified it as a calvin klein, but appeared skeptical that they would come in my size. 

i hurried back to macy’s with the aid of additional information.  i tried on the bra, but was informed that while they did not stock this size in stores, it was available on-line.  now if i were quite sure that this blog was just among us chickens i would certainly tell you what size i am referring to.  however, having received some rather mmm…how do you say….inappropriate responses in the past, i think it may be wiser to keep that information to myself.  not that it’s anything to write home about, but still…..

soooo, i went right to zappos, found the bra in what i presumed was my size, and ordered it straightaway.  i tried not to get my hopes up, as buying lingerie on-line is pretty dicey; in addition, racerbacks latch in the front and so can’t be adjusted as much as your standard bra.  the very next day the item arrived and !quelle surprise! she fit perfectly!  i even received an admiring comment from whimsey the next day when we hit the shops to try on a few pretties!  of course i have been unable to show it to my petit gym friend, as it was just a few days later that the conflagration destroyed our little female bonding venu.  however, the racerback is so satisfactory that i’ve worn it with other things (just don’t try it with a tank-top)!

sometimes things work out better than you thought,



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