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esme's violin

carmel bach festival (2010)

just to prove (to whom you might well ask) that we are capable of engaging in activities besides eating, drinking and shopping, mr. noir and i took it upon ourselves to attend a concert at the carmel bach festival.  of course the real motivation was to find an occasion where esme could wear her shroud, but that’s just between you and me. 

perhaps i have told you that esme has a past history as a violinist.  her high school years centered around a rigorous practice schedule (4-5 hrs. per day) in which she was able to drive her family bonkers by beginning with a daily warm-up of an hour of scales and arpeggios.  she played in a wonderful little chamber orchestra, and took lessons from a university professor of violin on whom, naturally, she had a terrible crush.  if you wish to be really motivated to work on a difficult activity, try finding a teacher whom you adore.  this has worked for esme every time. 

anyway, the concert turned out to be fabulous beyond expectations.  it featured the final bach festival performance of the well-know baroque violinist elizabeth (libby) wallfisch.  not only is libby an out-of-this-world violinst, but she is quite the character as well.  she can be counted on to wear some sort of striking adornment (one year it was swirls of body-glitter on one bare shoulder) that adds an element of whimsy to the performance.  this time she was dressed in black leggings with sparkly sequins, low-heeled boots, and a sweaterish top with an abstract print.  i personally might have chosen a different top, but the leggings were spot-on!  while one normally focuses on a violinist’s face and arms, one could not help but be riveted by her shapely legs as the stage-lights caught the glitter in her leggings.  she described herself as “a fifty-mumble woman” and made one proud to be a member of this clan! 

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