#118. L.A. LAW

by admin on February 20, 2011


unlike many of his species, christophe has always been remarkably good at looking ahead.  as a little kid this would sometimes cause him undue anxiety, as he (like his mother) tended to imagine the possible dangers of various scenarios.  most recently he has been trying to figure out what to do with the rest of his life (post-college, that is). 

esme is amazed at his foresight, as she did not even picture that life continued after college when she was christophe’s age!  imagine her surprise when the requisite 4 years came to a screeching halt and she was about to fall off a cliff! 

anyway, in order to test the waters of non-med school careers, christophe arranged a summer internship at a law office.  imagining pin-striped suits and navy silk ties, esme inquired about what christophe and his employers wear to work.  now getting information from a male person newly over the threshold of teenagehood is a bit like getting wine from a turnip; however, i believe christophe’s terse replies convey a certain ambiance which took esme by surprise. 

esme:  your mom is taking a little break from shopping and needs some new material.  do you have anything to say about what people at your law-firm wear?  could you send some photos??  christophe:  uhhh, i can’t really bring the camera in here without being weird, but people in my firm are casual.  they wear a dress shirt, maybe slacks and dress shoes.  i wear jeans and a dress shirt….the usual.    esme:  what does the female attorney wear?  christophe:  she wears more casual stuff like a shirt and a thin over-thingy.  i don’t think anyone would take too kindly to pictures…they’re all soooo busy! 

 esme loves the concept of a thin over-thingy!  doesn’t every woman need one of those in her wardrobe???  and i would so love a photo, but, as you can see, christophe has made himself perfectly clear on that subject, and far be it from esme to get him in hot water!  still, no suits?? no ties?? jeans??  reminds me of an old lawyer boyfriend who would come to my door in dark suit, white shirt and tie, smelling pleasantly of money—so sexy!!  well, no wonder the menswear business is in the dumps!  kind of makes one feel old….

one of my next quests will be for a thin over-thingy,



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