by admin on February 20, 2011

i first learned about the concept of back fat at the swimming pool in my freshman year of college.  a classmate and i were discussing the fit of our suits and she introduced me to the phrase.  although i had been aware of stomach fat from early adolescence (well, who hasn’t?) i must confess that i had never considered the issue of back fat.  perhaps it was really the freshman 15 that opened my eyes, but in any case, i will never forget that moment. 

of course you know what back fat is:  it’s that poochy stuff that squishes out of the back of your bras and swimming suits, and can become distressingly visible if you happen to be wearing a nice fitted t made of a thinish fabric.  for many years, i forgot about back fat.  perhaps this was because i never looked at myself from the back, perhaps because i was doing a lot of swimming, perhaps because i was involved in career, marriage, child-rearing.  i do recall a seminal moment in my mid-thirties when i caught a glimpse of myself from the back in a mirror, wearing a swimming suit while on vacation, and noticed that my back was astonishingly muscular! 

believe me, it has been downhill from there.  in fact, i have noticed recently that the better one’s bra fits (that is, it stays up and doesn’t bag around the back) the more likely one is to experience back fat!  this is not good news for those of us who like to wear t-shirts with our jeans. and the worst of it is, if you are truly on the anorexic side of thin, you may not have back fat, but will instead have back FLESH—wrinkley rather crepey-looking stuff that accumulates around the upper ribs.  these are not things that your mother tells you about when discussing the beauty of aging gracefully, or that your doctor will warn you about when discussing menopause. 

so, is there anything a woman can do?  short of liposuction, which i truly do not recommend, the only recourse is to assure yourself that as a woman of fill-in-the-blank age, you DESERVE a certain amount of back fat; just make sure you check your rear and don’t wear anything to tight or too sheer. hey, a little poem! 

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