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one reason esme has been doing a tad less shopping than usual is that her dearest mama has had some health problems.  after much deliberation, esme’s mama decided to proceed with having a pace-maker implanted.  doctors don’t consider this a big deal.  in fact, believe it or not, this is usually done in an out-patient surgery center under local anaesthesia. 

however, esme’s mother, like esme herself, is a person of extremely delicate sensibilities when it comes to invasive medical procedures, and has been known to go into a swoon or even atrial fib. at the very sight of an i.v. so, the decision was made to do the procedure in hospital. in any case, whenever a doctor tells you that a certain surgery is “minor” (e.g. a little brain surgery, a simple back surgery) do not believe him or her.  rather, treat it kind of like a contractor’s estimate of remodeling time and multiply by about 5!  

on the day of the surgery esme and mr. noir zipped up to the bay area to hold the parental hands.  we got there just as esme’s mother was being settled into a room.  she looked reassuringly pink and alert; however, one arm was encased in a sling, and the other hand had finger-monitors on it, so she was temporarily unable to use her hands.  this became an issue when the nurse brought a tempting-looking breakfast (especially to one who had been fasting since dinner) consisting of a warm blueberry muffin, coffee, banana and juice.  impossible to eat without hands. 

so rather than having the nurse feed her mama, esme volunteered.  this turned out to be the most touching experience.  esme added cream to the coffee and brought the cup carefully to her mother’s lips.  her mother sipped it gratefully, exclaiming with surprise how good it tasted and what an excellent feeder her daughter was!  (do you recall esme’s valentine’s day advice about what to give the woman who has everything??  definately, compliments!)  esme’s mama almost swooned when tasting the muffin, as this has been a forbidden food for many years.  and what a pleasure to feed the one who has fed not only esme as an infant, but her 3 sisters as well all their babies! 

meanwhile, mr. noir proceeded to read aloud the instructions for using the pace-maker.  for the first few weeks after implanation, one was strictly forbidden from engaging in the following activities:  fly-fishing; target shooting for those who put the rifle-butt on the side with the pace-maker; archery; and many others.  needless to say, esme’s mama was extremely disappointed about the target shooting restrictions.  everything was going swimmingly until esme, her papa, and mr. noir returned from lunch in the hospital cafeteria.  we expected esme’s mama to be sleeping, but instead she was wide awake, her blue eyes sparkling, and looking like hunter getting ready for a walk in the park.  she announced joyfully that she was ready for discharge! 

now this would have been fine, except that when the nurse began giving esme the discharge instructions esme felt herself starting to swoon.  mr. noir noticed right away that esme was looking un peu verte (you know how he dislikes this color on her) and instructed her firmly to lie down on the window-seat.  esme obeyed.  meanwhile, esme’s mother took up her mothering role and instructed the nurse that we would need, not one, but two wheelchairs to accomplish the discharge!!  thank heavens esme had brought mr. noir along to do the driving.  esme was able to get to the car on her own steam, and the group returned home. 

a note on the proper attire for receiving a pace-maker implant:  you will have limited use of your left arm, so it is good to have a button-down or zip blouse, pull-on pants, and slip-on shoes.  forget about wearing a bra!  esme’s mother was dismayed to learn that she only had two buttoning shirts at home.  ever quick on the up-take, esme suggested she adopt the boy-friend look and borrow a few from esme’s father!

one is never too old to benefit from fashion trends,



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