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esme's grandparents (1920's)

fifties fashion

esme and her nephew adrien share a fascination with clothing from the roaring twenties. how can you beat an era described by the adjective “roaring”??  this was a time of dancing and jazz clubs and cocktails.  women tossed their corsets and smoked slim cigars.  dresses were slender but utterly unconfining.  isadora duncan was in her prime. 

my wedding dress was a lace drop-waist sheath worn over a long silk slip, perfect for dancing.  (of course, when my grandparents got married, it WAS the 1920’s). 

mr. noir’s preference runs towards the 50’s.  his basic uniform is a pair of kakhi slacks, plaid shirt and loafers.  for work he would don a tweed jacket and silk tie.  he doesn’t go so far as to wear pink polo shirts or shoes without socks, but the basic look is preppy. 

esme’s father sports a similar look, the only difference being that some of his clothing actually dates back to the ‘50’s—he is not one to throw things away!  which brings up an interesting issue; what are the implications of having a favorite fashion era that occurred within one’s lifetime vs. one that occurred before?  and what is YOUR favorite fashion era?  reading the morning paper today, i learned that clothes from the 40’s and 50’s have become hot items, following the popularity of the show madmen.  not a show esme would normally watch, but now i’ve got to see at least one episode, if only for the clothes!

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