by admin on February 20, 2011

mr. noir’s jaguar

   as i’ve said, esme can hardly call herself a car guy (note that in our family a car-girl connotes not a girl who loves cars but one of those babes featured in car-ads). however, she does treasure a childhood memory that involves a car. 

esme’s very first best friend had a reclusive father who liked to hang out and play chess in the basement.  when i was visiting my friend, we periodically ventured down to call him in to dinner or just to say hello.  sharing the sacred paternal space was the most beautiful car esme had ever seen:  a jet-black jaguar.  it must have been a 1964 or earlier (based on esme’s age at the time).  both the father and the car were surrounded by an air of inscrutable maleness.  as an aside, the family also had a marvelous collection of cats, one of whom, i recall, was named icktitious. 

fast forward about 40 years, at which time esme finds herself married to a dedicated car-guy (tho not the reclusive, chess-playing type), who is itching to buy a new old car (also a cat-lover if truth be told).  a racing green e-type from 1968 catches his eye, and esme (who tends to be skeptical of the quest for another car) finds herself experiencing a flutter of excitement at the thought. such a gorgeous car!  even if you wouldn’t dare drive it (which esme wouldn’t), it is a fabulous piece of art! this vehicle achieves a rare balance of masculine (one might even say phallic) profile/feminine curves, freud/jung, yin/yang. 

what does one wear when riding in a 1968 jaguar??  i’ve never been a big fan of go-go boots and mini-skirts, but maybe an op-art a-line dress or a tailored jackie o.  just don’t wear a long scarf (remember the story of isadora duncan, who was strangled when her scarf caught in the spokes of her bugatti?  perhaps this is why i’ve never liked convertibles). an odd aside: ever since we’ve had the jaguar, i’ve had a secret longing for one of those designer cats that look like wild animals (bengals, ocicats), but i’m afraid hunter would not approve.

watching the dog watch the man wash the cat,



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