by admin on February 21, 2011

scrambled eggs (or, your brain on menopause)

     i picture a pan of scrambled eggs….no wait, wasn’t that for another blog or…..wait a sec…..maybe that was what i was thinking of having for breakfast tomorrow.  oh well, you see what i mean??? 

one of the more embarrassing aspects of hormonal decline is the effect it has on one’s brain.  assume any 50+ woman will remember your name when she hasn’t seen you for a week, and you are asking for trouble.  esme has the sort of brain that does better with categories than particulars, so she has experimented with a technique requiring her to put her friends and acquaintances into name categories:  she has, for instance, a marilyn category, a nancy/ann category, a tiffany category.  the only problem is that she then has to remember the categories!

now that hrt has gone out of favor (cancer risk) and we are all living longer (the wonders of modern medicine), the manifestations of female aging are everywhere. and if you want my opinion on ”bioidentical hormones” i have one thing to say:  natural smatural.  don’t believe everything you read!

on the other hand, perhaps the decline in memory has been one incentive for esme to put her observations in writing; not only will she remember them, but others can remind her as well.  now, if i could only remember where i put the black t-shirt i just bought to go with my favorite jeans…..ok, here’s the purple one, but where the heck did the black one go….mr. noir….yoo-hoo, mr. noir….do you remember where i put my black t-shirt??

scrambled but still tasty (i hope),



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