by admin on February 21, 2011

purple flip-flops

remember the gym fire?  the building has now been torn down, but memories remain.  one victim of the fire was a really perfect pair of navy-blue flip-flops which esme used to go from locker-room to pool to shower.  they not only kept her feet clean, but added a surprising warmth factor—-i’ve never seen research on this, but a person must lose a lot of heat through the feet as well as the head.  these sandals dried quickly, had a comfortable toe-thingy, and were easy to slip on and off.  a while back, esme was swimming in a storm and one of her sandals blew away from its station at the edge of the pool.  esme searched the premises but never did find it.  she was quite heart-broken. but lo and behold, several weeks later, the groundskeeper (whom i’d told of the tragedy) found it hiding, unscathed, in a corner! 

clearly, esme could expect no such miracle following the fire, so she started post-haste on a quest for a replacement.  if you have not shopped for flip-flops recently, you would be amazed at both the proliferation of choices and the difficulty of finding a simple, comfy, water-proof example.  flip-flops are now made of leather with leather thongs, leather with cloth thongs, rubber with cloth thongs, rubber with stacked heels.  they have arch support, exercise capacity, decorative flowers.  none of these fill the bill. 

finally esme received an ad from amazon for 50% off various sandals.  among them was a rather cute flip-flop with purple flowers on the footbed, all rubber, and of straight-forward design—havaiana’s.  you know by now that esme is a sucker for purple, so i think i’ll take a flier on these.  unfortunately, unlike zappos, shipping is not free, so i’m keeping my toes crossed!

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