by admin on February 21, 2011

learning new tricks

just say no

hunter and i had the most enlightening experience at the park the other day (that is to say, it was enlightening for both of us).  we encountered a young mother with a baby and a little blond 2 year-old girl.  they were eating cheerios and sitting on the ground, an ideal target for a food-obsessed fox-terrier. 

before hunter could get his mouth on the cheerios, the mother (a dog-owner as it turns out), quickly instructed the girl to say “no” to the dog.  looking hunter in the eye and pointing at him with her finger, the tiny little girl ennuniciated the firmest NO you can imagine.  what do you know—hunter backed off asap.  i could tell that he had gained new respect for toddlers.  every time hunter attempted to get a little too close, the girl repeated her impressive no.  nothing i could have done would have been more effective. 

 i kept imagining how useful this lesson would be in detering child predators, over-eager boyfriends, telephone solicitors, and certainly, hungry fox-terriers. what a marvelous thing to be able to teach one’s daughter the power of this simple word at such a young age.  of course, this is a lesson that all of us (male or female, young or old) should take to heart;  learn to say no, and mean it.

a dog is never too old to learn new tricks (nor is a human),



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