by admin on February 21, 2011

swampy colors

happened to me yesterday.  i was looking over the drafts of my blogs and decided to make a small change in one of my favorites (which i had written in a fit of passion after a trip to leaf and petal).  it was called fall colors, and waxed ecstatic over the exquisite swampy browns and heathery army greens peeking their noses out of boxes containing the 2010 autumns lines.  i pushed the edit button, and what do you know, i had pushed the delete button by mistake. there was no undo button to be found! 

this has happened to me a few times before in the middle of writing a blog, in which cases i have been able to re-capture the jist of it, if not the exact phrasing.  but in this case, i had written the blog a few weeks previously.  with my menopausal mind, i could remember only the aftertaste of it, but none of the details.  blogs often come to me in a wave of feeling, or perhaps a phrase.  they emerge as a sort of birth of athena (the goddess who emerged quite whole from the head of zeus), and it’s the birth experience rather than the facts which propel their creation.  thus, a lost blog is very hard to re-capture.  well, i suppose the only thing for it is another trip to leaf and petal!

lost in the swamps of memory,



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