by admin on February 21, 2011

wide-toed shoes

i hate this topic!  i hate hate hate hate it!!  i am dragging myself kicking and screaming to even bring it up.  but it can no longer be avoided, as it is having the most devasting consequences for esme’s career as a sportshopper.  you know by now how esme rather prides herself on the cuteness of her feet (even tho they have always been hard to fit).  you have even seen a fair number of foot photos.  well, i do hope you have never heard of a bunion.  or, if you have heard of it, i hope that, like esme, you figured it was something that happened to someone else (like c-sections or middle-aged spread).  can’t they think of a better name?? bunion is one of the most embarrassing names for a common problem that i can think of (well, perhaps ringworm is worse). 

all of which is to delay my confession that it appears i have one, and it is not cute!  to borrow a phrase from mr. noir, this is a REVOLTING development!  if you are getting the impression that esme is slightly hysterical about this you are quite right.  not only is a bunion painful and ugly, but it interfers with walking, dancing, jumping, sleeping, and last but not least, wearing any sort of shoes whatsoever, not to even mention stylish shoes!  over the years i have accumulated a nice collection of wide-toed but fetching shoes.  i have never been able to wear heels.  however, now even my very widest flattest shoes are distincly uncomfortable!! 

hunter is mystified by my reluctance to take walks that are as nothing for a fox terrier.  my shoe stores are miffed by my inability to find anything that fits.  zappos has been very helpful as i have returned (thus far) three different pairs of those sketchers shape-ups (meant as therapy for the feet and back), but i’m afraid even they will begin to lose patience.  when you get on the nerves of zappos you are in big trouble!  and esme…..she is close to despair.  

to put things in perspective, i am grateful that bunions are not something you die from and are certainly preferable to any number of diseases that friends, family and strangers suffer from daily, but…..they are a terrible narcissistic injury for a sportshopper!

dragging my feet,



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